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By Chris McIntyre - June 7, 2022

Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL) delivers enterprise lending solutions and technology to over 1,100 financial institutions, 14,000 auto dealers as well as retailers and medical providers nationwide. CUDL is committed to delivering products and solutions that meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s financial landscape by bringing innovation and expertise to indirect lending, consumer and mortgage loan origination, point-of-sale, online marketplace, analytics, auto shopping, and business process outsourcing.

CUDL focuses on four key areas: providing growth opportunities, creating operational efficiencies, delivering exceptional experiences, and protecting consumers. Through this focus, as well as an unwavering commitment to transformative thinking, CUDL has been at the forefront of change and innovation.

CUDL understands that life is easier when connections happen seamlessly. From credit unions working together to connect consumers to the right loan, to lenders coming together to create a new way to revolutionize an entire industry. Through these connections, members experience a real impact on their lives, connecting to new ways to secure the funds needed to achieve their goals.

CUDL is the fully-customizable auto lending solution proven to streamline and enhance indirect auto funding. Providing you access to a network of auto dealers and complete control over underwriting guidelines, CUDL will bring you more loans and new members to position your credit union for success.

Discover how CUDL’s auto lending solution can help drive your business with:

  • Better pull-through rates with pre-approval solutions.
  • Access to a network of over 14,000 auto dealers.
  • No per-app fees; pay only for the loans you fund.
  • Increased loan quality with complete control over underwriting guidelines.
  • Instant decisions with a sophisticated decision engine or integrate an external one.
  • High level of service and responsiveness with teams of local client support to manage dealer-lender relationship.


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