Collections and Your DMS

By Bethany Rivette - June 16, 2020

When you think of a collections module within a DMS the first words that probably come to mind are past due accounts, right? Wrong. The beauty with collections within Deal Pack is that it is so robust with additional filters that the uses of this portion of the system are endless. What does that mean for your company? It is time to get creative. I am going to break down my top five favorite uses of Deal Pack Collections. I do want to first point out that there are endless possibilities, and these are just five of my favorites.

  1. Automation. Within the collection module you can customize letters to go out through email or even text automatically! No more wasted postage to remind customers of their upcoming payment due.
  2. Proactiveness. Show customers that you are on top of your game by sending out reminders for maintenance needed, insurance updates, coming due payments, Happy Birthday messages and even thank you messages. Keep in mind this list was just a few examples of the customization of letters that the collection module is capable of.
  3. Productivity Reports. Imagine being able to pull a quick report of your employees to see exactly what they have worked on for the day. This will show your employees that you bring your A Game every day!
  4. Updating Customer information. When a collector is speaking with a customer and gets updated address information, phone numbers ETC there is no need to move out of the module. All this information and much more can be updated on the fly without ever leaving the collection module!
  5. Queues. Aside from the queue options I have mentioned above if for some reason you don’t see the available queue options that are built into the collection’s module don’t fret; we have tags for that! Setting up tags are as easy as 1-2-3. The options are endless.

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