Choosing A Dealer Management System (DMS) In The 21st Century

By Deal Pack - June 12, 2012

Dealers have found refuge in Deal Pack’s DMS software for years as the Internet’s influence broadens. Whether you’re an independent dealer with buy here pay here operations or a new franchise dealer, technology is affecting the day to day operations of your dealership. According to ADESA, the used vehicle market is valued at almost half a trillion dollars, and it has not stopped growing yet. With the recent recession, more and more consumers are turning to used-vehicles for purchase.


As a dealer, you are primarily concerned about your bottom line. How has new technology impacted your bottom line? Based on research from J.D. Powers & Associates, among all used-vehicle buyers, 36 percent say their make and model decisions were impacted by information found online. Among automotive Internet users, 85 percent say the Internet impacted the price they paid for their vehicle. Dealers cannot continue idle as the Internet technology tsunami strikes with force- they must stay on top of market trends. Still debating on how you’re going to manage your entire inventory while maintaining compliance to all government regulations? Rest assured that technology also provides the opportunity for increased efficiency and peace of mind with new Dealer Management Systems and tools being introduced. The days of old-fashioned journal entries and hand written car jackets have all but come to end.


However, some dealers continue to use outdated used car software to manage their dealership, and it could be costing them thousands of dollars, if not more. Cost is usually one of the first questions a dealer is considering when selecting a DMS provider, but you get what you pay for in most dealer systems. It is critical to find an innovative dealership solution that is not only compliant with all regulations, but has been proven with years of experience. We are not the cheapest auto dealer software on the market but when it comes to functionality and service, you will not find a better solution for the price. All you have to do is ask our customers, and you will hear the same response firsthand. Recent unveiled tools from Deal Pack include mobile purchasing applications and mass inventory uploads to on-line auto sites like and Behind the nip and tucks there’s a makeover underway to make the dealer’s life a lot easier. Easy and simple are words any dealer would love to hear. Software providers are looking to offer dealers a one-stop solution for all their business needs.


Deal Pack, one of the nation’s leading DMS solutions, is fully integrated with BookItOut, Inc. BookItOut offers dealers a suite of purchase and sales tools. Deal Pack’s integration with BookItOut helps simplify every aspect of doing business as a dealer. Users can maintain proper accounting, receive actual price valuations on vehicles, real-time market analysis, and upload their inventory to the hottest consumer website in a seamless and affordable manner. As a dealer, don’t get left behind; you must change with the times and leverage technology to your advantage. Sometimes change can be hard, but making the change to innovative Dealer Management Systems offering full integration should be a no brainer. We hope you enjoy our new blog, and we look forward to sharing helpful information that cannot be found anywhere else. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, and we will be sure to assist in any way possible!

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