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Can My Customers Make Their Car Payment Online?

By Deal Pack - August 8, 2012

These days who really goes into the dealership or financial institution to make their car note? With gas prices at an all-time high why would your customer drive 30 minutes to make a payment? Deal Pack offers an easy way for your customer to just log on and make their payment as well as see their payment history. Are you a Deal Pack Customer? If so, all your customers need to do is register. To register customers just enter their vehicle VIN # and last name, once they do that they can create their own user name and password and they are good to go. Dealers, to sign up for this all you need to do is get an authorize.net Gateway account. Check with your merchant first and ask them if they use Authorize.net as the gateway. If they do you are pretty much set, just call Deal Pack and we will get you up and going. If your happy with your merchant, go ahead and keep them, if you want lower rates or even get a comparison, let us know and we will do all the leg work for you.


Deal Pack customers can call us at 800-526-5832 for a quick demo!

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