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Can I Manage the Accounting for Two Companies with One DMS Database?

By Deal Pack - January 2, 2013

Yes! With the Deal Pack software, BHPH companies have the option to manage multiple legal entities with one database. If each of your locations is its own legal entity, requiring separate financial statements, our multi-entity accounting option will allow you to see those financials by entity or as a whole. Operationally, your employees day to day tasks will not change, but you will get the benefit at month end. In addition to the financials, you’ll also be able to generate reports by each entity as well.


In addition to the option above, if you have one legal entity, but multiple locations, and you want to keep track of each locations revenues and expenses, we also offer a departmentalized income statement. You will have the ability to see your profit and loss statements by location and for the company as a whole. For more information, give us a call and schedule a demo!

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