Building Relationships With Your Collections Team

By Desiree Bradsher - March 9, 2022

Building a relationship with a customer is extremely important. It has been proven time and time again that people do business with people they like. Slashing prices and streamlining the sales process are great ways to get customers in the door, but what will make them continue to come back is how you make them feel. With a good relationship comes trust that you have their back. Most people understand this concept when it comes to the sales aspect of your business, but what about collections?

In the Buy-Here-Pay-Here industry, collections are a large portion of day-to-day business. No one enjoys receiving calls about their car payment, especially when they’re already dealing with financial stress. Having your collections team build a relationship with customers ahead of time will help your business tremendously. The average person is much more likely to respond to collections attempts when they know the person on the other end of the phone. That customer knows that the collections person calling wants to help and they will work with them to find a solution. If no relationship is built at the very beginning of the process, those calls, texts, and emails will widely go unanswered.

What does this look like? How do you build that relationship early in the process? One dealer in Florida has their collector walk the keys out to the customer and introduce themselves at the end of the sales process. Before the ink has dried on the contracts, the customer can place a face to the name of the person they’ll work with to see that loan until the end of its term.  There are many ways to go about the introduction process – get creative with your team and see which method works best for your business!

It is imperative that your collections team is equipped with software that makes their job effortless, allowing them more time to focus on those relationships you have worked to build. Deal Pack’s all-in-one software offers an extensive collections module that allows your team to build queues, write text messages, create letters and emails, take payments, quote payoffs, and many more items all within one application.

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