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BHPH: Sales Commission

By Deal Pack - March 21, 2013

I often get asked if it’s possible to track salesman commission in Deal Pack. I’m here to tell you that you can indeed track this, and it is extremely quick, convenient, and accurate! Deal Pack allows users to create commission tiers. These tiers are used to calculate sales commission on a deal, and can be calculated by one or all of the following fields: flat rate, percentages of profit, cash down payment, deferred down payment, and finance and insurance products. Additionally, if you wish to include customer trade-ins in a commission calculation, the percentage of excess of actual cash value can be used to achieve this.


Now that your commission tiers have been set up, it’s as easy as applying that tier to a salesman. If a salesman commission is calculated differently depending on the deal, the tier can be selected when entering the sales information into Deal Pack. Additionally, Deal Pack gives the ability to run unpaid and paid commission reports, as well as easily writing checks to your salesman, all with the click of a button, it’s that easy!

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