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BHPH: Keeping Your Existing Customers Happy

By Deal Pack - December 31, 2012

In the BHPH industry, key ingredients are needed for successful business. You have networked in order to gain insight from fellow BHPH dealers, you’ve spent the time and capital to effectively manage your inventory, carefully structured the deals you’ve made and really worked those overdue accounts hard in attempts to keep customers on track. Additionally, retaining current customers plays an integral role in gaining the upper hand over the competition.


Though it may sound rudimentary, the best way to retain your profitable customers is by keeping them happy! There are many different ways to keep your customers happy. Promotional rewards such as cash, gift cards, and gas cards for customers will surely brighten up their day (I know I would enjoy a free tank of gas), as well as add a little extra incentive to get their payments in on time. You may be thinking of starting up a promotional reward program, or maybe you already have a reward program in place, and just need an easier way to manage it. Either way, having a DMS that can easily and accurately track all of these customers is important. With Deal Pack, one click of a button constructs a report listing all of your customers who have made their payments on time! “What if I want to reward the customers who were only a couple days late as well? After all, it is the holiday season.” No worries! The cash rewards report in Deal Pack lets you specify how many days a customer can be late on a payment in order to make it on to the rewards list. So, however you wish to reward your existing customers, just know that Deal Pack is the DMS that has you covered!

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