BHPH DMS: What is ‘Real Time Accounting’?

By Deal Pack - March 7, 2013

There are a lot of DMS providers out there, and the level of detail to their accounting modules varies greatly. A lot of programs tout the ease and reliability of their accounting, but what does it mean when we say ‘real time accounting’? If you have to export your daily entries to an outside accounting system, such as Quick Books, then you do not have real time accounting. If you can’t pull your financial statements on the fly to check the month to date numbers, then you do not have real time accounting.


Do not be fooled when it comes to the accounting prowess of your DMS. Deal Pack does have real time accounting; as you’re stocking in vehicles, entering deals, taking payments, ect., Deal Pack is updating your accounting. If you need to check on your balance sheet, simply post transactions and pull the balance sheet. In addition to the programming that allows the Deal Pack software to provide this level of accounting integration, you also receive the benefit of our support staff’s combined years of accounting experience. If you ever have questions, or need to discuss any matters relating to your dealership’s accounting, please call us, we’re happy to assist you!

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