BHPH DMS: Paytek Integration Tips

By Deal Pack - August 19, 2013

What is the CUTOFF time for Paytek and what I do if I messed up and sent wrong customer for processing?


Every week, I have someone call and say, “Oh no, I accidentally ran my Paytek and send someone that didn’t need to be send”. The first thing I like to tell them is to calm down everything will be ok. First of all, the cutoff time for all ACH transactions each day is 18:00 Eastern (6:00PM). So that is plenty of time to place an invalidation request.  Below is the link for the form required for the invalidation request; just fill out the form below and fax it over to 614-310-0483:


If you need to talk to someone and have them cancel a payment, you can contact EFT Network: 800-492-2794


What I recommend is that all Paytek be ran around 3PM eastern or 4PM eastern so you have some time in case of a mistake. Try not to wait last minute and submit your Paytek at 5:30PM eastern and then realize there has been a mistake.


Another thing I recommend is running your customers one day early. For example, you have 40 people due on Tuesday, then I recommend sanding those 40 people out on Monday for processing so that on Tuesday the money will come out of their accounts.


If you need help or have any questions on our Paytek integration please contact Deal Pack support at 800-526-5832.

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