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BHPH: Communication

By Deal Pack - February 14, 2013

It’s well known that a key ingredient to a successful business is communication. From management down to the part-time employee, effective communication is important in laying the groundwork for clear expectations and responsibilities. Face to face communication will always trump other forms in terms of clarity and relatedness, but of course, it is not always feasible. Often times, messages have to be communicated to persons who are limited in terms of time frame, time differences, and physical proximity. In example, what if you work a different schedule than your employee, in a different building, or worse yet, on a different schedule, in a different building, in a different city. In this situation, how can a person be sure to communicate effectively and manage processes?


As can be imagined, the Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) industry is affected, as many other industries by this new age issue. In the BHPH industry, it is important that accounts are being managed effectively. Important details of the account need to be communicated to other employees and need to be communicated effectively and without error. Let’s look at an example. Tom’s BHPH dealership has its own service center. Joe is having repairs made on his car at the service center, but will be making his payments at the dealership. It is important for the service department to communicate to the dealership. This communication will include specific details, such as, agreed upon payments, methods of payment, and payment schedules. Vice versa, it will be important for the dealership to be able to communicate quickly, efficiently, and on a customer specific basis with the service center.


Joe’s repairs will cost him $500. A deposit of $100 will be required at the time of drop off and the remainder is to be paid at close. Joe requested that his wife can pick up the car after hours, meaning his keys are to be left on the front seat of his car, with his doors locked. Attaching a note to a customer’s account will allow the service center to be able to communicate to Joe the terms of his payment. However, it will also allow both the service center and dealership to make the relationship with Joe personal, leaving his car and keys as he requested them. This is a small example of how communication on a client account specific basis can help build relationships. Other examples would include clients with special circumstances, such as handicaps or even non-English speakers, who may require billing statements and reports in other languages.


Deal Pack has all of the tools to promote effective communication within your business. Custom tagging allows you to create customer specific notes that can be attached to individual accounts. Deal Pack also gives users the ability to create pop up messages that can be seen by any Deal Pack user in the company. If a pop up is tagged to a customer’s account and is accessed in the system, your fellow employees will see the message that you need to communicate. This will inevitably allow processes to run smoother, information to be transmitted more efficiently, and most importantly, relationships with each customer can be made more personal.

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