Benefits of a Referral System

By Victoria Bonadio - July 31, 2019

Marketing is at its strongest when it’s coming from a primary source such as word of mouth, which proves how referrals have been able to provide dealerships with increased business. Having a referral system in place not only incentivizes current customers to spread positive words, but also rewards them for doing so. Automotive marketing is usually in the form of advertisements which can become costly, whereas stellar customer service costs little to nothing and in return provides the opportunity for an additional sale.

Deal Pack offers an easy to use referral system allowing up to 15 references to be entered per deal. There are reports in place to ensure that no referral goes unpaid, and that gratitude is always extended. There’s no better way to promote sales than a first-hand satisfactory customer experience. Deal Pack allows you to keep track of the percentage of sales which come from referrals, so you can see for yourself just how impactful customer service can be.

To learn more about how to increase your dealerships’ word of mouth, call our support line at 1-800-526-5832 today, and a team member on our support staff will gladly provide you with a demo.

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