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Are Conventions Worth Attending as a Dealership/Finance Company?

By Deal Pack - July 18, 2012

It’s that time of month again; you’re getting those fancy fliers about 3 day conventions at the lovely Caesars Palace or the convention at the lovely Ritz Carlton in Orlando. Now you’re thinking should I attend this function? Should I take the family? Most people think of these conventions as the daily newspaper, we read the newspaper to see what all is going on around us. I on the other hand see these conventions as the Sky Mall Magazine on the airplanes. I always see something new and amazing at these conventions. You will see everything at these conventions and the good thing is that they are all side by side. You may think you have the best GPS device in the market, yet you go see that WOW this GPS device actually has a battery backup? Yea it’s a bit more expensive than the ones you purchased but when it gets cut, you have 48 hours still to get the car AS WELL as an alert that it was cut. Things like this are learning curbs. Are you still using the old dot matrix printer? Did you know there are companies out there that you can get rid of the old dusty printer and go all laser including your Retail Installment contract. Does your DMS solution compare to the other ones out there? What perfect time then to go get some demos of other DMS software’s. Your happy with yours is what you’re thinking but then WOW this company has fully integrated accounting? I don’t have to export to quick books? This DMS has a service module as well that I can just link my sales directly to it. How many users does this DMS Company have compared to mine? Good thing about these conventions is that you can meet people that are using your software and see how it’s working out, or even mingle with other dealers and finance companies to see how their software’s are working out. As far as the family goes, bring them, especially if you have kids, they will think its Halloween (don’t worry not too much candy so no sugar rush). It’s an education experience for you and why not utilizes it. Even better at least with this you can pretty much write off your whole vacation as a business expense.


“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand” Chinese Proverb

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