Analytics with Agora

By Anjelica Baker - June 16, 2020

Deal Pack has always pushed to provide the best product for its customers, and we are doing the same by our latest integration with Agora. As a Buy Here Pay Here customer, you have the ability to structure, post, and manage deals but might need a little more guidance to find what types of deals work for you and how you can improve and analyze your portfolio. This is what Deal Pack looks to provide by teaming up with Agora.

Through our recent integration with Agora, it has become much easier for our customers to access comprehensive analytical tools to track their portfolio performance, including risk assessment and comparisons to similar loans on the market. Tracking industry and loan statistics will also give you a better window of how you are performing and what needs to be changed. Many dealerships rely on collections and underwriting processes to stay afloat, but this can be taken a step further with analytics.  Knowing which cars have the best odds of success with your customers and which loans have the highest risk of loss in your Buy Here Pay Here portfolio are only two benefits. Agora can provide these benefits and much more. Agora provides comprehensive analytical tools that give you the ability to track and analyze the performance and overall health of your portfolio while identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.  With Agora, you can identify and ensure that the appropriate focus and collection efforts are applied to the most challenging accounts.

Agora also provides you access to liquidity by providing a platform for finance companies to buy your loans while keeping you completely anonymous until you have accepted an offer. Along with this, they also offer advice on strategic management decisions that is right for you in the current BHPH marketplace.

Have your customer and loan information sent over to Agora and never worry about missing out on offers, analytics, and performance tracking. With access to liquidity and the most powerful analytics in the industry, dealers gain a whole new level of control over their portfolio.

If you want more information on Deal Pack’s integration with Agora, please reach out to Deal Pack toll free at 1(800)526-5832 or by email at

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