4 Reasons Why Digital Signatures Will Improve Your Brand

By Karolina Jarvis - April 20, 2023

Digital signatures are quickly becoming the norm with widespread adoption and implementation. Yes, going digital definitely speeds up the process of closing deals, but there are several other benefits to transitioning your operation to the digital age.

Happy Buyers

Giving your buyers the convenience of signing electronically at their own pace provides a better buying experience. This results in a faster turn-around instead of a buyer coming to your branch or office since they can sign from anywhere.

Higher Security

Digital signatures are based on a form of encryption where the signature becomes part of the final document and cannot be altered. Additionally, when someone creates a digital signature, the time and IP location are recorded in an audit trail embedded in the document. The only legal proof you need in court is the digitally signed PDF. Using digital signatures can better protect your data, documents, and transactions.

Workflow Automation

Manual processes can result in delays and mistakes ultimately taking more time, resources, and legal recourses. Adopting a digital, standardized, and consistent process for handling your paperwork significantly improves  the risk of errors and improves confidentiality.

Social Purpose

Digital signatures help reduce your company’s environmental footprint. Eliminating all the paper involved with creating a deal promotes an eco-friendly, sustainable business. Sustainability is achieved by eliminating the costs of printing, travel, management, and storage.

The transition to the paperless signing process improves operational efficiency, reduces costs, streamlines decision-making processes, and has a positive impact on the environment.

If you have not started the digital transformation process of your company yet, digital signature can be a good first step. Deal Pack’s integration with DocuSign and Digital Document Vault is the easiest way to go paperless.

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