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ATTN: Michigan Customers, Please Make sure you are aware of the Police Book Requirements

posted on: October-19-2012
by: Deal Pack
category: News

For our Dealers in Michigan, in case you were unaware you are required by the Public Acts of 1921; Sec 14 Act 46 to have a bound volume or electronic record containing a complete bought and sold record for each vehicle handled by a dealer.


When a dealer purchases a unit, certain information must be entered into the Police Book. The following info is required:


1. Name and address of the person from whom the vehicle was purchased. Must be a name, do not put the name of the Auction. If applicable you need to include your dealer license number.
2. Date the unit was purchased
3. Stock # the dealer has assigned to the vehicle
4. Include the Title Number once received. You may not sell the vehicle to a customer until you possess a properly assigned title.
5. If the vehicle has an out of state title, you need to list the State of the title
6. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
7. Vehicle Year, Make, Model, Body Type, Color, etc
8. If the unit was purchased or sold through a dealer, the dealer license number must be provided.
9. Indication if the vehicle has a salvage or scrap title
10. The Buyer’s name and address
11. Date of sale


Of course there are multiple different independent software’s exclusively used to generate an electronic Police Book as well as bound books sold at your local office supply store if you handwrite your own (make sure you use ink!). Deal Pack has a Police Book in Reports II that is compliant with the requirements stated above and easily printed when needed.


For more information visit: for dealer requirements.

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