Why should I choose Deal Pack over the other DMS providers?

We know there are lots of options for you out there today but the question you should be asking is are YOU in it for the long haul or short term. Are you looking for a Ford Pinto or are you looking for a Rolls Royce that holds its value for decades to come?

The average full time CPA charges you $63,000 a year. With DealPack Pro all the accounting is done for you the only 3 things you have to do daily is cut checks from the system, make deposits, Create AP Invoices to your vendors. The rest is DONE for you. You literally just print your financials and hand it to them. Imagine that cost savings alone yearly.

We know what our system can do and save you in the long run and we have lots of referrals that can back it up.

Changing DMS providers is a commitment and we want you to be 150% happy with our services. Trust us to take you to your maximum protentional. Our goal is to help you grow or else we are failing.