Can I text customers in this DMS?

Not only can you text a customer, but you can even create Auto SMS templates to make your collections a breeze. You can create unlimited templates and tell us what time to send them and we will launch those text to all customers leaving a remark that it was sent. Once the customers reply to that text, we will even notify you with an email and a pop up inside DealPack that a text was received. This makes it REAL 2 Way Integration. Let’s be honest in today’s day and age no one picks up the phone, but all will reply to an SMS.

With our SMS integration we even have Voice Broadcasting which is a great tool to reach hundreds of customers in less than a minute. Just record your generic message, Example Insurance Reminder. Create it and pull a report with all customers that are expiring or cancelling and mass blast that call to everyone. No more need to spend 2 hours notifying each person when they all got the call in a minute.