cyclCRM provides a fully-customizable credit application that is hosted and quickly added to your website with a hyperlink. Credit apps submitted on your website, as well as leads from all other sources, flow into Deal Pack DMS. Manage all leads, from all sources, in one place. Simplify customer service with automated follow-up and marketing. Both systems stay in sync as information is updated in either cyclCRM or Deal Pack.

Leads, originating from the credit app, third-party websites, Deal Pack, or other source, are worked in an entirely automated and compliant manner. cyclCRM uses technology to verify information, such as the lead’s cell phone number and email, and attain approval for marketing communication.

Send and receive emails, text messages, and phone calls directly from cyclCRM. Track all user activity and automate workflow within the sales pipeline. Sales and collections activity update in real-time so Managers can easily monitor leads within the sales pipeline and performance of sales personnel. Sales and collections activity in Deal Pack updates cyclCRM in real-time.

Salesmen can communicate with the lead via telephone, email, and text message – all within cyclCRM, which stores and saves all correspondence for future reference. Images or documents, such as proof of income, are saved securely with an audit trail tracking when and who accessed the customer sensitive data. cyclCRM makes it easy to work hot prospects or to pass unqualified leads to upper management for review.

Simplify customer service with automated follow-up and marketing. Create lifetime customers. Integration with Deal Pack generates new sales from existing customers.