MPH2 Funding / Pivot Rock Solutions

MPH2 Funding is a Colorado company operating since 2001. You may know their parent company, Square One Financial. MPH2’s vision is to provide fast efficient service to both dealers and lending customers. MPH2 Funding serves two customers, authorized dealers that provide an application through the dealership, and lending customers once they have purchased the retail installment contract from the customer.

Deal Pack has been a friend and partner for over 10 years. MPH2 Funding uses the system for our finance and collection activity and our sister company Pivot Rock Solutions uses Deal Pack for our loan servicing and collection outsourcing. Their customer service is second to none and they have always been attentive to the changing needs of the industry. Evie and Shad have put together a fantastic team and product. I have and will continue to refer business their direction.

Jason Anderson, General Manager.