Family Motors, Inc.

John Hattan, the owner of Family Motors, has basically been in the car business his entire life. He opened Family Motors in 1996 and, prior to that, worked for his father, Don Hattan, at Don Hattan Chevrolet which was founded in 1949. John, as well as his wife Debbie and his son Zeph all work at Family Motors.

We have been with ABCOA for a lot of years, since 2003 I believe. They are always working to keep up with the latest innovations of our industry to make our daily procedures work a little more smoothly. We have both a Sales Company and a Related Finance Co., and the exchange between the two companies is quite smooth. The latest improvements that we are using is the automatic payments which are actually posted to the customer’s accounts which saves us a great deal of time. About two years ago, we started a transition to leasing with purchase option. We were delighted to find that Deal Pack has a leasing component already there and ready to activate. Wow, what a great feature. I know it is really confusing when looking at a software change, but take a look at Deal Pack, they are a company that continues to improve with updates every week which are included in our program and as an added plus Evie, the owner, continues to be involved in the daily operation, and always has time to talk with us, which we also appreciate.

Debbie Hattan, General Manager