Chicago Car Center

Chicago Car Center Inc. and Chicago Finance Center Inc. have been serving the Chicago community for more than a decade. With bilingual and friendly staff, two car dealerships, and affiliation with Chicago Car Service Center and All Star Insurance, CCC strives to offer the best service and professionalism available!

We at Chicago Car Center are extremely pleased with the services of Deal Pack. We have been in business for over 13 years and utilized several dealer software programs and none were as good as Deal Pack. Deal Pack was a perfect fit for us since it has so many useful features and benefits customized to the BHPH market and best of all, it has the accounting feature built in and with a click of a button, we can produce up to date accurate to the minute financial reports and get a great overview of our operation. Deal Pack has answered all of needs and whenever we needed to further customized it again due to change of our business operation, Deal pack was able to quickly deliver. Customer service has been the best I have seen in this business. The staff is courteous and very consistent with any follow up we have requested. I have been utilizing Deal Pack at times when I owned my own car dealership business as well as in my current position (past 5 years) for a large BHPH operation in Chicago. During this time I have witnessed Deal Pack growing and prospering. I like to see companies reinventing themselves and coming up with new product enhancement to better the dealer operation, productivity and bottom line profit.

Isaac Mulla, General Manager